Kids and sport – how much is too much?

Kids love sport, but at what point are they doing too much of it? How can you tell if it’s become too much?

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Sport for general fitness

According to NHS Livewell, children aged 5-18 should be engaged with at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous exercise per day. Perhaps this should be a good indicator of how much is too much, although it’s worth remembering that some of this time should be child-led exercise, such as playing in the park or the woods.

Elite sporting children

Children in elite squads or teams can find stress and strain on their body actually leads to physical problems later on. They also face emotional imbalance, as they stress about their performance and how to make coaches and parents happy. Look out for signs that your child is no longer enjoying their elite level of sport – this may manifest as mood swings, refusal to get out of bed or reluctance to attend. If your child is on an elite team or squad, or indeed participates in any sport at a very high level, check in every so often to ensure they are happy. Just because they could be the next Andy Murray, it doesn’t mean you should compromise their long term emotional and physical wellbeing to get there.

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Too many sports

For some children, it’s simply the case that they have been enrolled in too many sports. Maybe your child does running club on Monday, karate on … Read More

Zika Virus May Improve The Danger Of Mental Sickness

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While the Zika virus has been round since 1947, it has not been acknowledged as a reputable menace to the United States till fairly not too long ago. These outbreaks were linked with a significant enhance in cases of microcephaly and different neurological issues in infants born to women who had contracted Zika virus illness during pregnancy. When injected into the body, cells take up the DNA loop and from it, produce Zika proteins that trigger an immune response against them. Amniotic fluid from at least two of these mothers contained proof for the presence of Zika virus, suggesting (but not proving) the hyperlink between Zika and microcephaly.Zika Virus

As previously famous, researchers are concerned concerning the long-time period results on the unborn and youngsters born to those that have been infected during being pregnant While more research must be done to make a full dedication of the extent of incapacity is present, the fact that the kid is exposed in utero reveals that the virus is the dominate culprit.

The mosquito-borne virus sparked world panic this year after hundreds of thousands have been infected, causing scores of infants to be born with beginning defects resembling microcephaly. The CDC says it’s likely” that an individual is protected from future infections as soon as they’ve been contaminated by Zika. These imported cases may potentially lead to native unfold of the virus in some areas of the continental United States.

In a controversial experiment, a British company … Read More